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Nic sets up a GPS recorder above a survey mark. Image: LEARNZ.
Vertical land movement from the February 2011 earthquake has damaged this bridge.  Image: LEARNZ.
A house alongside the Avon River has been badly damaged by the earthquakes. Image: LEARNZ.
 As the road and surrounding houses are now lower than the river level a stop bank has been built for flood protection. Image: LEARNZ.
Rock fall in the Port Hills caused damage to houses. Each rock fall has been mapped and analysed to help predict the risk of future rock fall. Image: LEARNZ.
A trig station on Sugarloaf in the Port Hills is a reference point used by surveyors. Image: LEARNZ.
Alvin finds a white property boundary peg. Image: LEARNZ.
This fence on Avonside Drive has been pulled apart as it moved towards the river. Image: LEARNZ.
Lloyd uses a total station to survey property boundaries. Image: LEARNZ.
Lloyd used his birthday cake to demonstrate how property boundaries can move during an earthquake. Image: LEARNZ.
Nic Donnelly, Lloyd McGarvey and Shelley talk to Wairarapa College during our second audioconference. Image: LEARNZ.
Mayor Bob Parker shakes Alvin\
Alvin inspects an old map of part of Christchurch. Image: LEARNZ.
Pipes were being laid in this trench at Wigram Skies Subdivision. Image: LEARNZ.
Houses under construction at Wigram Skies Subdivision. Two thousand sections are being developed here. Image: LEARNZ.
Allan Grove, from Ngai Tahu Property, took us up to the old air traffic control tower to get a view of the subdivision. Image: LEARNZ.
In this picture you can see some of the underground infrastructure or services that SCIRT is working on. Image: LEARNZ.
GIS (Geographic Information System) helps to record and organise a lot of different information on damage to land, properties and services.  Image: LEARNZ.
Jayden and Byron from SCIRT measure the level of a storm water drain to see if it is still working by flowing downhill. Image: LEARNZ.
Thankfully this storm water drain is undamaged. Image: LEARNZ.
SCIRT works on repairing pipes under Papanui Road in Merivale.  Image: LEARNZ.
Demolition work continues in the centre of the city. Image: LEARNZ.
The Clock Tower of the old Railway Station is being demolished. Compare this photo with the one taken on Tuesday in the first diary. Image: LEARNZ.
Julian and Shelley talk to Wairarapa College during our final audioconference. Image: LEARNZ.
Many people have come to look at the plans for the rebuild of the Central Business District. Image: LEARNZ.
Technology helps to bring the plans alive. This is what the inside of the proposed stadium would look like. Image: LEARNZ.
The evaluation prize is a set of topographical maps kindly donated by Land Information New Zealand. Image: LINZ.
Julian Carver is the GIS and acting Data Manager for CERA. Image: LEARNZ.
The Geospatial field trip is located in Christchurch, New Zealand\
Nic Donnelly is a Geodetic Surveyor with Land Information New Zealand. Image: LINZ.
Geography students from Kelston Girls\
Stephen Bensberg is the Local Government Coordinator with the New Zealand Geospatial Office. Image: LINZ.
Lloyd McGarvey is a Cadastral Surveyor with Land Information New Zealand. Image: LINZ.

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